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Woodworm is a wood boring insect that should not be ignored as it can cause serious structural damage to your property. Woodworm damage is not always visible but with speacialist equipment we can locate the problem and act quickly.


Once we have identified the extent of the infestation we can recommend the appropriate course of treatment. At All in 1 Building Services we use the most effective woodworm treatment to eradicate your property of any infestation as soon as possible.

Woodworm protection in North Shields

How to identify woodworm:

  • Small round holes in your woodwork.

  • Crumbly edges to boards and joists.

  • Adult beetles or larvae emerging from the holes.

  • Small round holes in your woodwork.

For woodworm and dry rot specialists in North Shields, Tyne and Wear and surrounding areas call All In 1 Building Services today on: 0191 680 9773

Expert dry rot services

dry rot woodworm

Like woodworm, dry rot can also be very damaging to the structural integrity of your property. It is important to get dry rot treated quickly and efficiently to minimise the damage caused.  Dry rot is not only found in timber, it also has the potential to spread to other materials if left untreated.


If you have identified that your property has a case of dry rot, or are in doubt as to whether your house does have a problem then contact us today so we can assess the situation to recommend what dry rot treatment is needed.